Sunset Farm Foods, Inc.


Sunset Farm Foods has been making delicious products since 1918! Our products include smoked sausages in delicious flavors such as cracked pepper and jalapeño. We also offer beef sausage and chicken sausage in addition to our fresh sausage patties, links and market style sausage. If you love sausage, but not the nitrite and MSG then try our new all natural line. It comes in mouthwatering flavors such as bell pepper and onions; garlic, herb, and sun dried tomato; and jalapeño and Monterey jack cheese. Hungry for something besides sausage?  We also offer smoked hams, picnics, bacon and country favorites such as souse, chitterling loaf and liver pudding. In addition to the Sunset Farm Brand label you can find our products in both retail distribution and the food service industry under the following brands:
Georgia Maid, Southern Chef, Georgia Special, Georgia Reds and Queen of Dixie Hams. 

Whatever your sausage style we know you'll love our sausage because you can taste the goodness of the South! For product information and ordering please visit us at our website.